Orange Puffle
March 1, 2010, 5:13 pm
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The Orange Puffle is now for sale here are a few pictures about it…

On they said:

Hello Penguins! The orange puffle has arrived and can be found at puffle shop for members only! Very surprising with the new movements.

Some information about the orange puffle:

  • Attitude: zany & curious
  • Favourite toys: box & wagon
  • Cool fact: sleeps very deepy

It has a different puffle card then any puffle ever had:

If you dance with your puffle , it hula hoops. Cool right?

The puffle has 2 favorite toys : wagons and boxes.

The creature is playing with a box:

Did you know that it sleeps very deeply?

Some cool tricks your puffle could do :

Which one is your favorite movement that your puffle can do.Let me know?

Check out the post card that the Club Penguin Mail sends you when your Orange Puffle runs away when you don’t take care of it,  or maybe I should  say Drives Away.

The Orange Puffle does seem very happy to be returning to the wild.

Come to think of it, puffles have come such a long way since the first designs:


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